Our specialties at Frontier Transport.

Specialties, Features & Highlights

We’re not your ordinary transportation company. We provide quality service with a focus on the specialties below and much more.

Hauling Construction Products Across Western Canada

We work with manufacturers to deliver their products in a safe and timely manner to various locations. We have hauled a variety of goods such as culverts, concrete blocks, erosion control, guardrail, etc. We pride ourselves on helping our customers meet tight delivery times and PPE requirements.

Trucking Lumber Across the Provinces

Frontier Transport works with numerous lumber yards to transport their goods from remote locations to busier centers that retail their products. We take pride in our work to deliver their product in retail condition.

Frontier Transport Hauling Truck in Western Canada

Hauling Pump Jacks Between Provinces

A series of tight load and delivery times has made this one of our favorite runs. Our driver’s keen customer service skills really shine through when they meet their appointments on time and they are able to cross our prairie provinces in an efficient manner. Our reputation has created a wide range of recurring customers and new clients.

Dry Vans: The most versatile, affordable, and trusted way to transport your goods.

Dry Vans are the first choice for many customers because they are able to haul a variety of goods and offer the added protection from the elements and theft. Dry Vans often are the solution to maximizing the full trailer when a flat deck just won’t work.

About Us

Frontier Transport is an Alberta-based company that offers premier customer service and reliable hauling with our flat deck and step deck trailers throughout Western Canada.