First and foremost it's safety at Frontier Transport.

Safety First at Frontier

Safety is on the mind of Frontier Transport first and foremost. We give hands on training to all drivers and spend the time with them before they start hauling. Check out our certifications as well.

Our Policies

Safety Policy

Frontier Transport Ltd. is committed to a strong health and safety program that protects our employees, suppliers, clients, property, the environment, and the public from incidents.

It is our belief that every employee is entitled to a safe work environment, free from any foreseeable hazards that may result in property damage incidents or personal injury or illness.

In fulfilling this commitment to protect both people and property, we will provide and maintain a safe and healthy work environment. Management supports the program’s success by providing the necessary resources including proper safety equipment, safety training and safe work procedures.

Our health and safety management system will be developed in accordance with industry standards and best practices and will meet or exceed federal, provincial and municipal legislative requirements.

Employees at every level, including management, supervisors and workings are all equally responsible and accountable for the company’s overall safety initiatives.
Complete and active participation by everyone, every day, in every job is necessary for the safety excellence the company expects.

Our objective is an injury and incident free workplace. We can accomplish our goal through continuous safety and loss control effort and dedicated teamwork.

Drug And Alcohol Policy

Inappropriate use of alcohol and drugs can have adverse effects on job performance, health of employees and the safety of the individual and his/hers co-workers.

Employees are expected to behave in an appropriate manner and perform their duties responsibly at all times. An employee, contractor or visitor may not use, possess or offer for sale alcohol or illicit drugs while at the workplace or while engaged in company business.

An employee is not in violation of this guideline if:

  • The employee is using prescription or non-prescription drug for its intended purpose and in the manner directed by the employee’s physician, pharmacist or health care professional.
  • The use of prescription or non-prescription drug does not adversely affect the employee’s ability to safely perform his/her duties.
  • The employee drinks alcohol during approved department or company social functions. The employee is encouraged to drink in a responsible manner and assumes full liability for any actions/conduct arising from the consumption of alcohol.

Violation of the guideline is considered serious and will result in corrective action. The appropriate discipline depends of the nature of the violation, the existence of prior violations and/or discipline and the circumstances surrounding the situation. Some violations are considered sufficiently serious that termination may be warranted on the first occurrence, while other violations may result in progressive corrective action pending the results of an investigation.

If the employee has a substance abuse or substance dependency problem, the company is committed to assisting the employee with appropriate substance abuse professionals as needed. Should the employee be unwilling to correct his/her problem and repeated incidents of substance abuse occur the employee may be subject to discipline up to and including termination of employment.

Cell Phone/Distracted Driving Policy

In accordance with Distracted Driving Legislation Frontier Transport Ltd. prohibits the following (but not limited to) actions while operating a motor vehicle:

  • Using hand-held cell phones
  • Texting or emailing
  • Operations of electronic devices
  • Inputting data into GPS
  • Writing, printing, sketching
  • Personal grooming

While driving, calls cannot not be answered and must be directed to voicemail if a hand held device is not enabled for hands free use. Calls should only be answered if it is safe to do so (ie: not while backing up, strapping down, unsafe road conditions, etc). If an employee must make an emergency call (911), the vehicle should first be parked in a safe location.

Employees are responsible for payment of penalties in the event a citation is issued. If an employee is cited by any enforcement agency for distracted driving or if an employee is observed in violation of this policy the employee will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination.

Environmental Policy

It is priority for Frontier Transport to leave no environmental footprint at work locations. All employees of Frontier Transport are committed to the preservation of the health and safety of environment, employees and general public.

  • All wastes will be disposed of in accordance with local standards
  • All spills will be cleaned up and documented in accordance of legislation
  • All spills will be reported to appropriate regulators as prescribed by legislation

Certifications, Associations, and Qualifications

AMTA Carrier Member - Frontier Transport

Alberta Motor Transport Association

Driving safety excellence and industry progress together.

Our Services

Frontier Transport is an Alberta-based company that uses flat deck, dry vans, and step trailers for all your hauling needs across Canada. Our well trained drivers are courteous, timely and safety-oriented.

Our Specialties

At Frontier Transport our specialties include but are not limited to hauling lumber, construction products & pump jacks across Western Canada as well as offering dry van transportation.

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